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Question on AI - High e2 but Low Symptoms?

Just got my approx 6 week bloods back…

300mg of Test E (150mg twice a week), haven’t used any AI during that course (until the other day, more to follow). Also used about 250-500 units of HcG every 3 days.
Slight high E2 symptoms, less/lack of morning wood, very slight increase in bacne, definitely some water weight. Nips got zesty around week 2-3 for about 1.5 days, and then were only sensitive when I went outside into the cold. A tiny bit of puffiness, but no lumps hard or otherwise.

Turns out my E2 is pretty high.

SHBG 28 nmol/L
Free T: 490 pg/mL
Test: 1710 ng/dL (couple days after pinning)
Estradiol: 102 pg/mL

102 has me worried, started an AI of 0.25mg adex thursday night, figured I’d do .25mg twice a week for a month and get retested… This is my first time on T, Doc is obviously aware now but with all the horror stories I see of people’s GP putting them on 1mg of Adex ED or EOD I wanted to reach out and see what the anecdotal experience is for AI use at these levels?

Any other tips/suggestions overall for getting that E2 down, or cancelling the sides?

And yes, I have some excess bodyfat to burn off but the T has been helping with that immensely.

The E2 is “high” because you’re test levels are “high”. The body’s way of dealing with exogenous testosterone, is to convert the testosterone to Estradiol. In other words, THIS IS NORMAL, NECESSARY, AND PROTECTS THE BODY!

If you really want to lower your E2, lower the amount of testosterone you inject.


1st off, don’t come in here with a name like that and no warning, I about fell out of my chair lololol

2nd… Yeah, the more I think about it I’ll probably drop to 250 and get rechecked in 6 weeks

Yep, lower test dose

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Try split it more, EOD or ED injections. Lower the dose slightly, I dont think u need such a high dose for TRT.

AI should only be used when nothing else works IMO and now u have alot of things to try out before u use arimidex. ED/EOD dosage, lower the dose.

Well no, the HPTA axis doesnt work as it should when it is already shut down due to exo testosterone.

What does that have to do with what I said?