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Question on Adrenal Labs

Hey Guys, I have a question this one’s a quickie. If you have adrenal fatigue could you have the following experience.

I take my T injection EOD, .17ml (34mg). Most of the time when I take the injection I loose what erection /libido I have within about 60 seconds of the injection, it’s like letting the air out of the balloon. This also happens when I take a Cialis .20 or .40 makes no real difference,sadly both are a pretty regular occurrence. I should mention that on the off day I take HCG 350IU.

At first I thought I was running up E2 but when I took an AI I got worse, so I’m bouncing between taking the AI and not, I’m completely confused. So to sum it up, I lose my erection after an injection of T, and ED meds make me softer???

Here are my most recent Adrenal and Thyroid scores 8/15

8:00am - .401 Range: .025 - .600 I think OK
Noon .116 .010 - .330 Weak for the middle of the day
4:00pm .022 .010 - .200 Weak for late afternoon
midnight .030 .010 - .090 Maybe a little high for night time

Thyroid Lab Corp Maybe Ok?

TSH 1.04 Range: .45-4.50
FT3 3.30 2.3 -4.20
Ft4 1.20 0.8 1.80

Here’s the question. Could it be that my system is weak, and with the presence of the increased testosterone I crash since my “engine” isn’t strong enough to keep things up so to speak? So I could have all the testosterone in the world but I would still be in the dumper, or is it really a high E2 thing and I’m dosing wrong?

Please share your thoughts and I thank you all!


I don’t understand the comment HDL very protective?

Cholesterol, total HDL 204 100-199 H (this is right off the lab report)

AI Anastrozole I’ve been having a very hard time to get the dose right. .25 seems to be to much. So then I got .10 trochees, which can be better but it’s still all over the place. I keep trying to do my best with it. Which, is why I from time to time ask for help here in trying to feel my way to dose. Now I use small dose Viagra which believe it or not is a fair indicator…for a layman. That with keeping a log I can see the differences.

Also I think I may do better at higher levels, the Doc’s at Defy suggested I let the slack out and try 40ish and see how I do.

Also, getting SHBG, prolactin, cortisol checked net week.

KS Man thank you for your interest!

Regarding your post above:

Yes and I can tell you I inject SC…even slower. Body temps are good 98+ never over 98.8. but there was a time when body temp was 96, and adrenal and thyroid scores were in the dumper. the improvement is recent few weeks.

Injected T is slow release. Wondering if there is a negative-placebo effect.
SC injections are slower than IM. How are you injecting?
You have better sexual function on off days? Try injection with empty syringe, go through the motions, everything except the push and note your response. Always been this way or since a change in brand/type of T? There can be more things in the bottle than oil, T and BA.

Labs would help.

Thyroid labs look decent, what are your body temperatures when you first wake up and mid-afternoon?
If low, suspect rT3 blocking fT3

Have you seen: https://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_training_performance_bodybuilding_trt/hormones_and_health

I do not know what is considered optimal for saliva cortisol levels.

I did not dig into prior posts for background.

KS Man Labs you requested 8/24/15

HDL: 204 100-199 H
Tri 109 0-149
LDL: 127 0-99 H
FT: 33.7 7.2-24.0 H
TT 1419 348-1197 H
Sen E2 27.1
DHEA-s 161.344.2 48.9-344.2 (9/6/15 started 25mgx2 DHEA Pharma)
PSA 1.2

Ok, that’s what I got thank you for taking a look!

While HDL is over range, it is also very protective!

Your total cholesterols is not low I guess, total not shown.

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What AI were you on and for how long for E2=27?

Did you see all of my post above?