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Question on Activity Calculators


I have been wondering about the activity calculators now when you multiply your bmr by an activity factor does that include your occupation or just your workout schedule?


Here we go again...

You're analyzing this shit way too much.

Is your weight going up, down, or staying the same as a result of the 2400 cals you claim to be eating in your "waistline" thread? If it's going down or staying constant add 500-1000 cals and workout intensely. If the scale doesn't budge, eat even more. Once your weight starts going up you know you've dialed into the right amount of daily cals-- for now! As you gain you will have to eat even more to continue gaining.

Don't spew some crap about how you want to calculate all this shit because you don't want to get too damned fat on your bulk. You're 5'8" and 130 lbs. If you start consuming more and don't train like a pussy you won't get too fat.

And if by some outside chance you do get too fat, increase your activity or slightly decrease your cals until things get under control, but don't think you have to go on the damned v-diet to get it off.

Be sensible--something anyone whose going to actually go anywhere with drastically increasing the amount of muscle on his physique would have figured out over the course of the five years you say you've trained.

How can you still be such a newb after five years?


I would never go on the V-Diet from what i read i would would go crazy on 1500 cals a day. And just to clarify some things when i say i trained for 5 years i mean i have been working out constantly for 5 years( i never really paid attention to what i ate or when) with no knowlege of the real science behind everything and i just got into it and it fasinates me so im just trying to learn everyhting i can. I am going to be a health science major.

Just wondering is this site just for people trying to get like jay cutler or something because for a beginners thread everyone seems to be being a ***k about everything and not just on my thread either!


What are your stats and your goals?


They are rough estimates, exrx has a few of those as well as rep/max calculators and ex demo vids.
Here you go.. http://www.exrx.net/


My goals are to get to 150 with about 8.5-9%bf. I eat only clean i do not cheat at all. (Unless a protein bar is considered candy to some). But i want to do it slowly to minimize the fat gain. I know i will put on some fat with bulking. I just uped my calories from 2300 to 2400-2450.

Stats 5'8 130 8-9% bf. I am pretty active occupation cook/bartender 5 days a week. I work out 3 for about 2 hours and do cardio 2 4.5 miles in 40mins. I know i shouldnt do cardio wile bulking but its more for endurance than anything.



Is the only thing you took away from what I wrote the joke about going on the v-diet the second you think you're getting too fat, completely eliminating the gains you made prior?

Because my post had nothing to do about that and everything to do with you being too anal about planning for success and way too passive about achieving it.

You've already said you consume 2400 cals/day. Simply eat more to gain weight. Why do you need all these damned calculators?

If you'd get off the pot you could probably gain 20 lbs in six months. But...you have to eat more, preferably hit the weights more than the three times per week you're currently lifting, and actually put some heart into your training.

Search for "Professor X: A Request" and "Cephalic_Carnage: How do you Train" those threads should help you immensely.

To rehash what you've written...You're currently 5'8'', 130 lbs, you've been training for 5 years. Your heaviest weight has been 160 lbs, you cut to your current weight because you'd rather be ripped. You want to gain 10-20 lbs but don't know if it will make your waist larger, and you can't afford new pants. You don't want to be too big because you're a surfer (everybody knows too much muscle just isn't functional) and you can't afford the food to get too big.

The reason it seems like everyone is being a dick is because your questions have either been answered a million times before, or they're just ridiculous, or both. Learn to use the search function!

Oh, and on the matter of everyone wanting to look like Cutler...from what year? I think the concensus is he looked best at the '01 Olympia. I personally would rather look like a white version of Flex Wheeler.


Dude, you upped your calories by 100-150? Seriously, you sound worried to death that you're going to suddenly get too big, or too fat. It just doesn't work like that - I wish it was that easy: to just get big, sort of accidentally.

You say you have an active lifestyle, on top of that you add a fair bit of cardio, so you seriously need to eat a lot more if you want to see any kind of results. Chances are with the surfing you do, plus the cardio, and you have an active lifestyle, and you don't cheat - wait a minute, you're worried about gaining too much fat? Honestly, stop.

I'm glad you've decided to go a bit higher with your bulk - although 150 really isn't much, at all, seriously.

Good luck, but the bottom line is that you need to eat more, and remember to lift hard in the gym, don't pansy ass it.


Yeah, dude, way too shoot for the stars. That's how ya eat BIGGG!!! Way to go after that goal, brother.

Seriously, eat 3000 cals/day and see what happens if you concurrently bust your ass in the weight room.