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Question on AB training

This may be a question with many different opinions but what are the best ab exercises to do to get that v shape around the hips? Of course i want to have great abs all around, but are there any exercises that would really bring out that muscle? Also, what are some of you guys’ abdominal routines? Just want to get a good idea of what i should be doing to really bring em out.

External Obliques

Twisting and Bending movements. One of the best has to be the “Low-To-High” Wood Chop.

Bend down and grab a low cable pulley, from the opposite side, with both hands. Pull the handle up and across your torso as you straighten your body up. Pause and slowly return to starting position. Repeat on the opposite side. (Note: be careful with bending and twisting movements if your waist easily “thickens”).

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the tip, i will give those a try next time i train abs

A quirky question but - you wouldn’t by any chance know of the muscle fiber type makeup of the different abdominal muscles would you - the rectus, obliques and such? I ask because this would affect the rep ranges I would use. Thanks brother - Del