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Question on 60 Hour Fast

Hi Mr. Carter. I was wondering if you train during the 60 hour fast (and if so if you make changes to take into account the fast)? Do you use Indigo-3G/Plazma/Mag-10 for training during the fast but not eat anything beyond that? Also, do you not drink any water during the fast?

No I only use ketones. Using anything like Plazma or Mag-10 would break the fast.

Hi Paul,

Sorry if I missed it but what is the purpose of your 60 hour fast?

Also, is this the Pruvit model 60 keto reboot?



Autophagy, improved insulin sensitivity, lowering of blood glucose, lowering of blood pressure, reduction of oxidative stress…

And yes I use the Pruvit reboot kit. It will be available again in a few days for anyone that wants to do it with me, shoot me an email.

Thanks Coach, for the prompt response.

I appreciate the notion of exogenous ketones (I have some at home) but wouldn’t rush to ‘reboot’ using them. Just my view. Thanks again.

Then your “view” needs to have some scientific backing behind it before making that statement…

No Paul, it’s a personal view, or opinion, on a course of action for myself. My only ‘science’ is that simple fasting and its health benefits have been around for thousands of years. I was not having a pop. You’re entitled to be aligned with a supplement firm, and I’ve read your views on their efficacy, and I still respect your what you do so don’t upset feel good Friday, please!

Ketones make fasting easier without doing anything to reduce the benefits and effectiveness of fasting. Yes fasting has been around for thousands of years, but as we expand on our technology and science we do find ways to improve things.

no one HAS to use a protein powder but it certainly makes getting in your protein much easier. WE don’t have to take vit D, but seeing how everyone is scared to death of the sun it makes meeting those requirements a bit easier.

You can fast with or without ketones for sure. But using them helps to enhance the effects of the fast by bringing in more of the energy substrate our bodies make during a fast, thus increasing the anti-inflammatory effects, reducing blood glucose, and improving insulin sensitivity. All good things.

Hi Paul,
Have you experimented with a ketogenic diet? If yes, how did it work for you? (Horrible adaptation/did you reach fat adaptatiin?)

If not, would you be willing to experiment with it now that you experiment with exo’s and fasting?

Thanks for all the great stuff you share, really appreciate it!

I have before, yes. It’s just not sustainable for me. Eating that particular way. And thank you!

How often do you recommend a 60 hr fast?

Is there a point at which the length of the fast starts to become detrimental Paul ?
Is 60 hours about optimum or is that just your preferred length of time ?

I do the fast once a month. Using ketones and bone broth.

And I’ve pushed past the 60 hours. I consistently find that the third day (when you’re supposed to break the fast) that I am the LEAST hungry. So I’ve done 72 hours very easily.

Hi Paul

Out of interest, do you still train during this period? And if so, what type of stuff are you doing?



No I only do steady state cardio during this time.

Out of interest Paul, Can fasting be treated in the following way ? For example, you say by the end of the month You want to have done roughly 70 hours fasting which can be made up of 4/5 days of 16 hours, 3 24hours, or one full 70 etc (basically any combination you like).
As long as you have done the hours by the end of the month, or does that make it too unregimented and disorganised ?

I’ve never done it that way, but certainly it has application to it. In the other thread here about fasting I talk about the 5/2 approach for fat loss.

I actually am working on a new book that is going to go into great depths about fasting protocols and how to set them up to maximize fat loss AND muscle gain through better nutrient partitioning.


Is thibs’ Article on intermittent fasting an insight into what we might see in your collaboration Paul…? :face_with_monocle:

It could be. That was a solid piece. :wink:

Hi Paul - I haven’t seen you post anything about the 60 hour fast this month. Are you doing it this month? I’m a day behind, but am starting mine tonight heading into tomorrow. It’ll be my first go around with it!