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Question on 5mg Doseage


Hello everyone a friend of mine is able to get ahold of 5mg doses of Dbol. My question is, isn't 5mg a low doseage and even at 5mg is it worth running a cycle? Thanks all


Well, the idea is......

You know what? fuck it. It doesnt deserve an answer.



Have you not read anything about dbol? Go research up on this steroid before you even think about taking any amount. You are showing your ignorance to the subject by your post. Please try researching first.



Sorry about that, my friend is a trainer and knows alot about dieting. He know's his fair share of knowledge when it comes to the gear but not sure how well he knows it. I am looking for a yes/no answer so I know what to tell this guy. I'd assume I should pass it up?



If only there were some way to take more than one pill a day!! maybe he could glue four together and take 20mg a day! or... just take several pills at once... that seems a little crazy though IMO = )


Lol What a novel idea. Truly amazing


I thought this site was used to inform newbs like me, not chase them away by negatives comments and ridiculing them. Feel free to stay out of the thread if you have negative comments. I am new to all of this, and trying to question/learn from those who have had experience with this.

Now if anyone else can post any positive comments/answers please do so. Thanks.


You are asking if you should buy or pass on some Dbol because they are in 5mg tabs? Is that correct?

If that is the question than the decision would be about how many 5mg tabs you would need to purchase to have enough for the cycle you have planned.

The reason you have been answered with negative responses is because your original post shows that you have done no research on the topic, other than what your trainer has told you.


Sorry if I have been too sparse on my information. I am not familiar with Dbol, the only things I heard are "take 50mg's a day" I don't know the product that well to say if that's good advice or not. Hence why I came to you guys for a opinion, I'd hate to get a hold of these and only the incorrect ammount.


People use 5mg tabs of dbol all the time. People take more than one 5mg tab per day to reach their desired dose. It would be much more beneficial if you read about the different dosing protocols instead of posting on here waiting for people to give half asses explanations that may or may not suit your situation.

How old are you btw?


type DBOL into the search function and read up a bit on the drug and some outlined cycles.

DBOL as a standalone drug is probably worthless...combine it with some test and grow like a sumbitch.

The reason people made fun of you is because you seem to not grasp that you can take several pills at once. Just because it is a 5mg pill doesn't mean you have to take just ONE. You could take 5 a day, 10 a day, same with tylenol...the dosage is measured on how many you take, not 'i'm only taking one pill so I have to buy the correct dosage' lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If your cycle was 30mg Dbol ED then you could take (6) 5mg pills at once or spread them out throughout the day. There is controversial protocols.

My advice would be to search and then come back with real questions.

Hope that helped



so heres what I think your telling us,please correct me if I am wrong.

You are saying that you have come acorss one of the odest, most continusly used and well known compounds in the world, and you have no idea how to find a dosing protocol?

I mean come on now this stuffs been around and used since the 50's I am sure google would even come up with something here.

now to answer your question,a little bit anyways you will have to find the rest on your own.
5mg is pretty standard, tabs come in 5mg-10mg I have seen a few at 25mg and I seen one company come up with 50s but thats alot.

I am pretty heavy and I take 100mg a day split up morning and afternoon when I want to really mega dose the stuff
normaly I take 50mg every day.

Now go search and find something on your own stop being so friggen lazy.theres TONS of info ( over 50 years worth) out there go find it.


Thanks guys, I know that you can take more than one. I don't know what a beginner should try as far as doseage size. I will take everyones advice and read up a bit before I get my hands on this.

I was already aware of people taking up to 50mb or higher. I was not sure on which doseage size I should take. Is it true that Dbol alone yields no results?


For a beginner or a moderate dose 30mg ios a good startimg point.

DBol alone doesnt necessarily yield no results.. it yields massive results but they disappear within 4 days of discontinuing the drug.. so in a way, you are kinda right.

Read up.. it is a useful drug, and 50mg is not a dose you should be looking to take for quite some time of AAS use yet.



Dbol by itself is a waste for most users, combine it with something that has AR-mediated activity.

Otherwise your big and strong while the dbol is in your system and quickly lose most of your gains once the androgen is out of your system.


Thanks for the info Brook, I'll def do some research.

Westclock, sadly this is all I can get my hands on. I'm not trying to get into anything "too" involved just yet.


if you are really interested in cycle advice post age stats and history. I have no interest in helping little punks who havent been busting their ass for a long time, who dont watch what they eat, or dedicate themselves to the life. YOu would get a much better response if people actually thought you were dedicated to this life.


I understand that, I try my hardest day in and day out. I am 24 years old, I been lifting for 2 yrs steady. I been reading nutrition books and forums for a few months now knocked down 5-6 so far. I'm doing my best to get all and any knowledge I can. I am going to start reading the FAQ's once again. Thanks guys


Dbol is horrible on its own.

Its very prone to causing gyno, or bitch tits, if run without an AI.

And does not produce very lasting gains, which is much more painful mentally than something that barely works.

Your big and strong, and then poof its all gone, it hurts.

If you intend to run it on its own you run the risk of gyno and other nasty E related sides, with very little potential for lasting gains.

See if you can get some test and buy an AI from a research site.

If you cant get test then just give up, its cheap and its everywhere.


I would love to hear the price this guy is paying for these dbols. I can just see it now, the guy getting ripped by paying a buck for each 5mg HAHA.