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Question on 5/3/1 for Beginners routine

Guys. Since I have to dial back with my training, I want to move to 3 day/week setup. I have a question regarding template describe in 5/3/1 for Beginners.
Let’s say for Day1 - I’m supposed to do 8 working sets of Squats, and 8 working sets of Bench (3 typical from 5/3/1 and 5 sets of FSL)? Am I reading it right?

Because there are multiple versions of beginners templates floating around, I wanted to confirm that. I know it’s maybe a little bit of overthinking stuff, but well…

You are correct. The reason there are different beginner templates is so you dont have just ONE choice if you are a beginner. There are general principles that work that can be applied to a variety of programs.

On the third day, friday you are supposed to do the same main lifts as you did on monday. Do you use the same percentages or do you move to next? (lets say monday was your 5+, will the friday be 5+ or 3+ percentages wise?

Which beginner program are you referring to?

Sorry, jimwendler.com/blogs/jimwendler-com/5-3-1-for-beginners

Thanks Jim for clarification. And I also have been referring to the same template as Raubtier mentioned above. BTW. Im curious on his question since I was wondering the same myself.

I’m 45 and was thinking about dropping the 3rd workout and only doing this twice a week. That’d work, right? Would you still DELOAD every 2 cycles? I know with some of the 2 day templates the DELOAD is skipped because you’re taking 6 weeks to get through a cycle.

It is the same workout on Monday as Friday.

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