Question On 10 x 3 Training

I’ve been trying to incorporate some 10 x 3 training in lagging areas of mine like bench press. I have a question… sometimes on sets 8, 9 or 10, I can barely get past rep #2. Is it better to stay at the same weight consistantly for all 10 sets, even if I’m only able to get 2 reps on my last couple sets? Or would it be better to lower the weight slightly toward the end in order to get all 3 reps?

what exactly is your exercise plan like?

I know when i did 10x3 i saw amazing strength and size results to help me get past a plateau. The only problem i encountered is that around the last 3 sets I could only do 2 reps max. What I ended up doing is in my second full body workout I took it hard on my chest and arms, and then my third full body workout i hit my chest super hard. Then the next time i went back in the gym for the bench on 10x3 i really nailed all of the sets fully.

One thing that I found out really really helps a lot is that for a week or two stay away from the barbell bench press and do incline/decline/flat bench dumbell presses fairly heavy. go into the negatives (meaning go past where the bar would stop you on the way down, explode back up, dont pause at the top and drop back down…stretching the pec muscle out). After doing these 2 techniques i have discovered a rise in my bench.