Question of Volume

At what number of reps do you lose hypertrophy and start in on endurance? I realize this is probably based on the individual. My workout consists of bench,squat,deadlift 6x6. I try to chose a weight that is nearly impossible on the last set only b/c it makes me feel like I am working hard,but I pick one weight and do it for six sets.

I believe that Iam staying in hypertrophy range there. But the real issue is for my biceps, triceps, shoulders,calves and forearms. I find myself doing closer to 6x10. My goal is hypertrophy. Is 6x10 to much.

I have a list of all exercises that I do and I do each 2xs a week in no particular order, If I wake up and feel like squatting I will do it the next day I will do a different major lift based on what I feel like doing. I just make sure to do every muscle group 2 x’s a week.

Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!


When your running.

Hypertrophy will come with volume. Max strength is what is not maximized.

The best answers I’ve seen are:

  1. The hypertrophy range is from 24-52 volume (sets * reps).

  2. 5-15 reps per set are the hypertrophy range

There are some exceptions like German volume training (10x10), the 10x3 protocol, etc. but for the most part it seems to hold true.

Thanks guys I am going to think on this.

I imagine your intensity is different on the 6X10 than the 6X6. It sounds like a pretty cool way of doing things and a good way to get strong.

There aren’t magic numbers that dictate these things.

If a person wants to make their muscles grow, they need to increase their calorie intake and make their muscles stronger.

How one does this is entirely individual.

some people strengthen their muscles in the 3-5 rep range to achieve the best hypertrophy, others might find it works best to strengthen their muscles in the 15-20 rep range.

You just need to find out what works for yourself.

Well, I was always the guy doing 3x3 or 5x3 and I would get a lot stronger but still not look like I lift. When I say a lot stronger that is relative I am not a strong guy. Now I don’t care how much I lift I just want to look like I lift. Don’t get me wrong I like to be able to move big weights that is why I always did the low reps high weights.

But enough is enough I am sick of being fat and looking like shit I not only want to be ready to slay the Dragon I want to look mean enough to make the dragon fear me!!! Well, thanks for all the help and opinions I will give it a shot.