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Question of Power 4 Article

Hey Paul. If you read this, I have a question. But before I ask, I want to say thank you for all you contribute to the field of fitness and strength. I read T-Nation every day, and your blunt attitude is awesome to read.

In the section of this article dealing with triceps growth, you mentioned 3 days per week as having diminishing returns. Is this for triceps only, or is this applicable to most muscle groups? I’ve also read some conflicting information that 3x per week training is optimal. Would you say that this really just boils down to overall weekly volume, and that with increased frequency I should just ensure I balance my daily volume so as to not burn myself out?

Sorry, I know it’s a lot. But, again, thank you.

If we’re going by studies, then the current research I believe states that 3X per week didn’t show much more than 2x per week.

I honestly don’t think anyone needs to train a muscle 3X per week if you’re hitting it with adequate effort, volume, and loading in the other 2 sessions.

If you need a 3rd session then you’re probably not training hard enough in the other 2.

Thank you, Paul. I always appreciate your candidness.

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