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Question of Muscular Development


Imagine that there's a really weak guy who has never touched weights nor ran in his entire life. He cannot even do 10 pushup or 1 pullup. Ok, good.
What differences would there be after a year of a training program of heavy weights vs. light weights. Besides the obvious performance differences.
Basically, I'm just asking if there would be any aesthetic/physical difference in the appearance of the muscles. Assuming that bodyfat percentage would be the exact same in each instance, would the heavy training result in more size obviously but less striations and definement? Would the light trainee have more density or the heavy one??
Broad question, I know. But I'd appreciate any responses...I have no experience with this.


I believe in one of the "Cool Tips" Eric Cressey said that beginners would benefit from Higher Rep Schemes as the connective tissue wasn't suited for Low Reps.

I'd start here:


Well I've been lurking here for years and training for a little while now. It's not something I'm necessarily interested in as it pertains to my training as much as a intellectual curiosity.
But thanks TriGWU, your posts on this board have been very helpful to me.


Stop reading Muscle and Fitness. Doing high rep work will not make you "more ripped" than lifting heavy, that all has to do with diet. Now...that we got that out of the way, TriG it the nail on the head, and I have nothing more to add...other than I used to be that guy that couldn't do more than 10 pushups or a single pull up, magic happens from spending time here at T-nation...


Cool. I hate muscle magazines too. I can do more than 10 pushups. This guy I'm describing is a hypothetical person. I'm just curious scientifically on the difference of the actual muscle when trained different ways.


Well i went from a starting point of 40 to 200 pressups in a year and a half. I spose thats muscular endurance though. I guess that the skys the limit, more or less and in T-Nation we have a first class ticket.


this stuff is covered rather well here: