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Question in Regards to Weighing Food


Following a diet that measures meat cooked..Is it that simple, just measure the food cooked? reason I'm asking is that the 6 oz serving is huge. 2 half chicken breasts. The caloric intake is 3900 calories , so does kinda make sense. does the pic look like 6 0z ?


dont know if thats 6oz or not but i am trying to gain muscle so to me that looks like a


Yep- throw it on a food scale after cooking, what’s it weigh, cut some off, save for next meal.

That looks like it could be 6 oz, but it’s not on a food scale so who knows :slight_smile:


Cooked meat will generally weigh about 70 - 75% of raw. So take that into account if you are getting cal/macro info from a package of raw.