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Question from a non AAS user


I rarely post to the steroid forum because I'm not interested in gear but the other day somebody said something to me that I'm curious about.

This guy is a real meathead, a big dumb guy from Long Island (where they grow them on trees) about 25 years old. Not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Nevertheless........

He told me "You need some Winny V and Deca. Those will cut you up."
(I'm fat)

What is he talking about? I usually ignore him when it comes to training-actually, I ignore him most of the time- so I din't bother asking him what he meant.
I know roids are effective when dieting because they allow one to maintain or even gain LBM while dieting.
Are roids also effective for fat loss by themselves?
Or are there certain roids that help w/ fat loss whereas others help with bulking?

Just wondering, I know I should ignore him but I'm a curiuos mofo.



I think the biggest misconception to most is that AAS DO NOT help in fat loss. FAT LOSS is all based on DIET! Yes, there are some chemicals that are stronger than others, and will bulk you up better than others. With that said, some of the bulk comes from water retention and some fat gains from some androgens. Your "moronic" friend there advised those drugs to you because they neither retain water nor add fat (I'm explaining this in basic terms).

The only drugs that will help with fat loss are thyroid medications and other stimulants (ie. clenbuterol). The only reason why they are under the same category as AAS is because they are classified as illegal substances (drugs without a perscription, of course). We can thank George Bush Sr. for this nonsense for listing this under the FDA.


go to the FAQ on this site and read steroids for dieting articles


go to the FAQ on this site and read steroids for dieting articles

I would say MassN is correct on most counts, but there has been evidence that certain roids like winstrol activate microsomal receptors -sp? to increase thermogenesis.
And Tren is well used to build mass and cut fat.

But anyways, read the frikken faq!


Yes, tren is useful for both actions. Butt Plugs' book and WAR will tell you these things. I third the FAQ and cy wilsons' stuff.


Thanks for the responses. They more or less answered my question and confirmed my thoughts. I figured it had something to do with certain roids causing less water retention, etc.
ANd of course diet is Numero Uno, I know that.
Interesting to know that tren and winstrol are thought to help burn fat.

I won't read the FAQ because I'm not THAT interested in the topic.

Trust me, I've been on the T-forum for 4 years. If I was going to get serious about using gear, I would definitely read the FAQ before posting.

THanks for answering


I don't like that protocol to get cut. I prefer to use propionate ,dynabol(Deca's fast acting cousing) and winny. Since you're new to this game 50mgs of each every other day should give you the results you're looking for. Don't forget to take clomid at 50mgs per day or nolvadex at 10-20mgs depending on your level of sensitivity to estrogen. Hope this helps.