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Question from a newbie looking to get into powerlifting

I am just finishing up ABBH, and I love it so far…I was kind of inspired by it in that it not only stressed strength but hypertrophy. However, my deal is that I am a newbie… I need to build a base of strength first before worrying about hypertrophy. My question is, what is a good powerlifting program for a newbie who wants to build a strong power base before getting into hypertrophy-inducing workouts?

Try Westside. It will probably give you more hypertrophy then you expect. Read Eight keys by dave tate.

Answer is right there in front of your face from one of the best. Joe DFranco’s “Westside for Skinny Bastards”.

“I need to build a base of strength first before worrying about hypertrophy”

hey bud i like your approach but you got to remember that building muscle that is bullet proof is what building a base is all about…my favorite quote is something jim wendler once said to a seminar attnedant at a seminar i was at the guy was talking about advanced tachniques and stuff he didnt need…he was like 6’1 180 or so and had bones poking out all over and jim grabbed his collar bone and said “you cant flexbone” …that really stook with me…if you look at most powerlfiters there huge guys…i have never seen a small skinny 900 pound squater…so i am not trying to bust your balls just giving you a diffirent perspective while it is good to want a base you should always worry about your muscle mass levels becuase each level of strength really does require a certain amount of mass…i have learned this first hand…if your not built for a 500 bench your going to get hurt trying to bench 500…GFH MY YOUNG FREIND…BM

I gotta vote with BM on this. Build a base, including lotsa “GPP” and some size, before you get into the heavy, low-rep training that comes with powerlifting. Then, practise the form for each of the powerlifts, until the best powerlifters you can find think that you look like you know what you’re doing. Do all that BEFORE you try to find out what you can lift.
Strength & courage,
“Coach Joe”

BM about your “bullet proofing” technique, where did you learn of it? I train on a sprinters schedule and on my recovery days i do several push ups, pull ups, body weight squats, along with tempo runs/circuit training, would this qualify? Ben Johnson used this technique and stuck to very few weightroom movements and put up some impressive numbers for sum1 dedicated to sprinting(6x600 squat, i cant member if it was 2 or 3x405 for bench) and only had one substantial injury.

i actually got bullet proofing from a really old louie simmons video…this video was the first sqaut video ever it wasfrom the early 90’s maybe the late 80’s even…it actually talked about a female olympic lifter who did 100 leg curls with a ankle weight on 3 times a day every day…she said if she didnt do this within a week she would pull a hammie…and this is where the ideas came from like doing d-bell benches for time and pull down abs for like 5 minutes non stop and obvioulsy sled dragging…some people really like it som edont…as for me i love it…it really keeps me injury free…i havent really had any soft tissue injuries (knock on wood) other than bicep tendon pain…but some things i do in extra warm ups or in my warm ups ot keep me healthy are…i have done pull down abs for 5 sets of 100 reps…i do 100 reps band leg curls every leg day…i have done band goodmonring for 5 minutes non stop almost every shower i take…bm

Do I put GPP into my pre workout? Or is it a workout in itself? If, for instance, I was doing ABBH 1, OVT, and ABBH 2 in a cycle, where should the GPP go? I’m still a bit confused about the subject. And as for getting things like a weight sled (which I want) I’m only on a college boy budget.

Thanks for all the info so far though guys, I’m really learning a lot, but I just need some more guidance.