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Question for Vain68

I was reading the “What do you do” thread and I was just wondering if you’ve already taken the GRE? If you haven’t, or if you want to take it again, let me know and I can give you some pointers if you want. I’m a GRE instructor for The Princeton Review in my spare time.

3LT–The GRE has been my primary nemesis for getting into a PhD Program in psychology. In brief, my GPA from both undergrad and grad (Master’s) are sky high. My trouble on the GRE is the quantitative. I have taken the test four times, and each time, my quant. has declined. I have even studies for the quant during this time, but it isn’t helping…i can do the math if i have time, but pressed for time on the CAT version, i struggle, and struggle big time. I got a 630 on the verbal and my highest quant was 500–no better…i can’t seem to get it up…i actually declined into the 300’s the next times…this after pages and pages of notes on basic algebra…its like i can’t compute in my head while looking at the computer screen. Do you have a website? or a way to contact?..where are you located?..I still have three applications out there right now, but if i don’t get in this time around, i will plan on taking it again. I would be grateful.

BTW, right now I’m in Nashville, TN, and I’ll be moving up to Boston in mid-May. I don’t have a web site or anything, as I’m not that computer-savvy. Worst-case scenario, if the email address doesn’t go through you can call The Princeton Review office in Nashville (I think you can get the # from the TPR website, or by calling information in Nashville) and leave a message for me with Wade, the owner/operator of the franchise here.

I tried to leave my email in a previous post but apparently that’s not allowed.

On further reflection, knowing my name would help you leave a message (it was in the earlier email post as well): Chris Schreiber. It would also likely help to know your name, so I recognize the message.

3L T,
Vain 68’s name is J.D. Haltigan. As soon as I find the website and get the Nville #, I’ll give a holla. Are you moving to b-town for good or is this a temp relocation. I currently reside and work in Erie, PA (about 2hrs North of Pittsburgh). I’m going to cali in a few weeks, but I could definitely need some mathematical technique help or a new brain in that area.

I’m going to post this info one piece at the time so the mod can take out whatever is not appropriate – hopefully some will go through to make it easier. The website is www.review.com

The phone # for the local Nashville office is 615 269 5033

There are a lot of simple techniques that really make the math easier. The one that works the best is called “Plugging In,” and basically just involves picking a number for each variable in the problem, solving the problem with those numbers, and then plugging the same numbers into the answer choices until you get the match. There are lots of other little techniques too. I would also suggest brushing up with two books from The Princeton Review (available at any big book store – or the store can at least order them): Math Smart and Math Smart II. That will be a good beginning point.

Oh yeah – I’m moving to Boston for good – first to study for the bar, then to start a job as an attorney for a Boston firm. I’ll be here until early May though.