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Question for UK Based Users

Just something I’ve noted.

If posession is legal in the UK but trading isnt how come almost all the websites claiming to be import sources are also considered scams?

We dont need to mention any but if you search for them and include “uk” in the search there are many sites and then if you search the site name and the word “scam” all the sites come up in someone’s scam list!

Is that because even importing to individuals is illegal in the UK? Not sure how the UK would persecute the suppliers though.

If it wasnt then it would seem strange for there to be no legit online companies. I would expect almost 100% scamming for countries where the law is tougher but would have thought that countries with more reasonable laws would provide genuine businesses with opportunities and in so doing would build reputations.

Or perhaps maintainers of scam lists are getting overzealous!

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AS I understand the law, you can bring stuff in yourself personally, but it is illegal to import from a supplier, the person importing would be prosecuted.

I do not bother with supplier lists on the internet I just hang around outside gyms asking the biggest most vascular guys if they can get me some shit

[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
Sometimes, maintainers of scam lists are nothing but whores who take money for putting someones’ rivals on their ‘list’.


That would explain why everything i found was also on a scam list!

Although electric’s note that importing is itself illegal would be part of it too. I wasnt aware of that.

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Now I was not 100% on the import law I always thought it was legal but the other day I saw this quote

“It is illegal to import or supply anabolic steroids, but it is lawful to possess them for personal use.”

on the BBC news website.

I know its Ok to bring it in yourself because a friend of mine had customs let him through with a suitcase full after he satisfied them it was personal.

The BBc news story made me think maybe it is illegal to order them from abroad?

Maybe the BBC have it wrong?

I am happy to go with my original belief if that what Bushy wsays also.

I’m with EE on this one. I thought it was illegal to ship into the country, but not illegal to carry into the country. I thought that’s how it was in many European countries. I’m pretty sure that’s how Germany is, though I never really checked the law in detail. Though nobody in Germany gives much though to steroids as a hard drug, at least from my experience, so I never really worried about checking.

I’ve never gotten slack from pharmacies in Germany, even being young, but in the U.S. the pharmacies look at me like I’m a criminal when I pick up my HRT prescription. Of course it is illegal for pharmacists to question your prescriptions, so they never actually say anything, but you know that “you’re a druggie” look that I’m talking about. I’ve had nurses and even doctors (!) in the U.S. tell me that I’m too young and that I don’t need to be on HRT because I look fine. It’s honestly that ridiculous.

Anyway, I digress. Sorry for the hijack.

Im so jealous

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Im so jealous[/quote]