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Question for Torrent Users


Serious replies only please. Thanks!

I'm looking to download adobe photoshop and illustrator. Is this something I can get thru the various torrents? Is such a download and the software I'll receive reliable? What are the risks (other than "pirating")? Will the download be usable or will I still need a key code?

Any tips, tricks or advice would be greatly appreciated. If you prefer to PM, please do.



I've read that the Adobe software is heavily monitored on public trackers and will most likely get you a letter from your ISP about file sharing or worse. If you are going to get any Adobe software I would make sure and not use a public tracker to try and keep the heat off your back.


Download software.
Download crack/keygen.


Get Usenet with SSL. Torrents are for mugs.


I download plenty of torrents so far zero trouble. Most good torrents of this variety will come with a keygen and instructions on how to use it. Demonoid is my preferred site.


Download the trial version direct from the Adobe website and then look for a working serial.


Alternatively, you can use GIMP and Inkscape for raster and vector manipulation, respectively. Both are free and extendable. Both have large community groups and public documentation. You can do most anything with those programs as with Photoshop/Illustrator although the steps/extensions might be a little different.

I use both often.


That shit is cheap man, just buy it. I remember back when Photoshop used to be like $2k.


If you do find one make sure you add the necessary server addresses to your hosts file before completing the install. There will probably be read me file in the package with instructions. Adobe products will phone home during the activation.

Or just buy it! :wink:


Go to demonoid or something, but even that has risks. Your best bet is download the software, and find a crack or key somewhere. I would recommend a private torrent site but since you are a torrent-noob, it doesn't really fit you since you have to seed a crap-load to not get kicked out, and I mean a crap-load.


When it comes to this stuff I know what I am doing. I looked into doing this for my sister recently but adobe seemed to be a lot more work than everything else so I just gave up and told her to get some alternative free image program. If it was for myself I probably could do it no problem but there's a point when people ask me computer related questions I just have to play dumb sometimes.





Anything is better than torrents... but whatever.