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Question for the women

Have any of you T-vixens ever dieted and had your breast size INCREASE. My wife went keto (she’s doing well- 14 pound off, under 20g carbs a day!) and her tits got bigger. I wouldn’t complain, but she’s already a 38DD and I’m afraid they’ll hurt her back (and I’ll have to make good on a promise of a reduction if they do ;-). Any ideas? (and no remarks about my wife TC…ah hell, I need a laugh)

Well, that depends on what you mean by ‘bigger’ …bear with me… bra size is based on two things, band size and ‘largest circumference’ the differnce between the two numbers determines the cup size. So, if she’s a 38DD but loses fat around her rib cage, she’ll go down in band to a 36, but if her boobs don’t shrink too, then the ratio gets bigger so she needs a bigger cup. If she’s staying a 38 and getting bigger, I don’t know what to tell you! (is she pregnant???)

Not unless she got that way as of about 13 hours ago! More info: her grandmother had a reduction when she was in her forties (I think) and she has an aunt on that same side of her family who claims her breasts are getting larger also. Maybe some strange genetic thing?

No idea about the aunt, is she putting on weight? Could it have something to do with menopause? (I know nothing at all about that, though I believe that breast tissue gets smaller, not larger.) Start with the measurements I was talking about earlier, and go from there. I’d say ask her Dr, but she may just get a lecture about keto diets… :stuck_out_tongue:

My personal experience and ALL the “fitness chicks” I know has always been that once you get your BF below a certain % you lose breast size. Check out any show and this will be noticeable by the need for so many implants (no I don’t have implants)This must be the place she stores fat first and loses last, losing fat elsewhere give the illiusion her breasts are larger esp. during her cycle. And if she is taking birth control pills ,that might keep the size up a bit. My .02

Infinity, what’s your phone number there, and when are you out at work? :wink: