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Question for the women

I just started taking my girlfriend to workout with me and have her on a low carb (<100 grams) diet. She has been having menstrual irregularities. She started her period 2 weeks early. Then a week after it stopped, she had her period again, but it only lasted one day. Now a few days later, she has her period again. I told her it was because of the change in diet and the fact that she was lifting weights. I’m am searching the net for more info on it, but I would apprciate any info and experiences from t-vixens or others who might know something about this. Thanks for your help guys.

Why is she on a low carb diet? Also, I’ve never had the problems you are describing. As for your GF’s issues - could be alot of reasons. I assume she is on some type of birth control. This could be a factor. Has she checked in with her doctor? Irregular bleeding could mean something is wrong. I would suggest she do so (see a doctor) ASAP - just to be safe.