Question For The Widely Read


I am currently updating my presentations for HS’s, Colleges, and Club Directors. I have a question for you all.

I know somewhere in the literature is the idea that if you continually run Max Effort Sprints at 4.7 for 40 yards, you basically program your body to run a 4.7 forty. I cannot remmeber if the was from CFrancis, or CT, or Siff…etc.

Does anyone know where this idea came from… it lies at the basis of much of my speed and jump training since I manipulate the ballistic environment by slightly adding Weight or Speed through the use of vests, sleds, vertimax, etc, or depth work, AMT work, or overspeed devices…

Anyway, I will look myself, but I know many of you are very well versed, and hoped for some insight.




I’m not exactly sure what you are asking. Does this athlete have the capability to run say, a 4.5 40, but due to fatigue factors, a 4.7 is maximal? I don’t know if this is CF originally or not, but it is certainly a topic of discussion there. That is why he is constantly stressing that speed work is king and everything is subservient and also why high-intensity work is seperated.

I probably didn’t help that much, but that is just off the top of my head. I’ll scan through a couple of books that I have to see if I can find anything more precise.

I think it was Siff in supertraining, but I am not 100% certain. I also think it has been mentioned by other coaches. I believe CT mentions it in respect to strength training and that is why he will recommend supramaximal holds. Hopefully that helps you some (I have a feeling I just told you all that you already knew).

Thanks guys.

JTrin, it wasn’t due to stressing, but rather it was an engraining of a top speed due to constant work without altering the stressors.

This is what lead me to make minor changes constatly in weight and speed.

Thanks guy, and when I find it, I will quote it here…


So are you saying that it would be better to sometimes run at a slightly lower speed even? Just to avoid ingraining that pattern?