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Question for the Techies


So I'm trying to watch something on netflix.

Netflix tells me I have a "silverlight installation problem" error code:2105

It tells me some steps to uninstall. Is this legit or do I have a virus?


I would say just code error, uninstall and reinstall. Otherwise post this in the geek thread I am sure a couple of the tech guys in there will tell you.


another HG thread! who woulda thought? lol


I'd reinstall silver light..I am surprised it uses that, but I guess it works. You should be able to got to Microsoft's download section and find it quickly. Or if you go to windowsupdate.microsoft.com it will identify if you have it or it may auto update it.


whoa whoa whoa i didnt know HG even made threads.........


Do what Microsoft says or you are FUCKED.


Thanks fellas. Don't even know what silverlight is but will re-download.




I suppose I need some real life IT friends. Like grits need cheese.



So, you have a very common virus that is very easy to get rid of.

It is called sys32 virus.

It creates a folder under your windows directory called "system 32".

Just delete that folder, and boom, you're all set.


And if that doesn't work, take out your hard drive, and rub it on a large magnet, like 45-50 times.


Funny stuff!!!


On a serious note, Silverlight is just a "front end" technology that gives browsers a certain look and feel (ie. the "user experience"). Widgets, tools, fades, etc. A lot of applications are written to push that functionality to the client (that is, your browser) instead of processing it on the server then pushing the page to your browser. You're installing the "Silverlight Client".

Make sense?

If you hit Alt+F4, you'll get more information about your browser.


This does not make sense. But I will hit alt F4, for real so please tell me if you are joking.

Mostly, I think I will just uninstall silverlight and re-install. Just wanted to make sure this was a real prompt and not a virus.


Oldest joke on the internet man, sorry. Couldn't help myself.

The magnet works wonders though



Silverlight makes your Interwebs site look cool and do cool things.


Well then I definitely want that son of a bitch to work!