Question for the T-Vixens

Okay ladies, a couple questions about your likes and dislikes.

  1. Does size matter?? Feel free to explain.

  2. Do you really like to give blowjobs? If unsure, when do you like to and when do you not???

You can even tell us guys things that we don’t know about you (like a reversal of the latest Atomic Dog).

Come on ladies, i’m curious to read the responses on this post.

My assumption would be that you may find some answers in any of the Gang of Babes articles.

Personally, I believe that if you want to receive, you ought to be prepared to give. It can be a very satisfying experience to pleasure the one you love in such a way. As for size. thats an individual preference. Whats really important is that he knows what do with what he has and that he is attentive to his partners needs. Of course, that works both ways…

Hey, check out the old Gang O’ Babes columns… 6 of us answered this! grin

Average size is sufficient if you know what position and how to move to stimulate the gal your with. Each woman likes to be stroked differently. Personally, giving oral to a man is the most satisfying sex act there is, I can usually have an orgasm just performing it. The interesting thing is I don’t particularly enjoy receiving oral.

Thank you ladies. I read all of the gang of babe articles… interesting. I learn new stuff every day. Seems like different strokes for different folks is the rule.

Personally, size does matter to a certain extent (unfortunately). If you’re average size, I’m happy. But I wouldn’t want to be havin’ sex with someone toooooo big, or toooo small. A long while ago, I was with a man, who was really small. Even though we had fun orally, it just didn’t cut it…it was too small. Honestly guys, be happy at what your size is, and don’t worry about us gals. Most of us prefer average size, we may think of large men, but it’s like the big breast phenomenon…you guys love to see big breasts, maybe even touch one, but most men I know prefer a handful. As for blowjobs, I enjoy giving them, but there are times when I don’t feel like it. And, oh, guys, women don’t like our heads forcefully moved, we understand you get excited, but keep your hands away from the head!! :slight_smile: I also have a philosophy…sex, whether intercourse or oral, is an art form!

800lb gorillas only has a 2" weewees & they don’t have any trouble getting laid.

Kind of funny that you know that Drax! =)

Hey Drax…just gain another 650 pounds and you’re there! LOL. Should only take you about 6 years (j/k - sort of)…


What do mean sort of?! :slight_smile:

  1. No, size does not matter to me.
  2. Do I like to give blowjobs??? Just ask Patman and he’ll tell you the answer…

Sorry Drax…What I meant to say was “6 years, 650 pounds, and a penis pump” LMAO…

She hates doing that. Always leaves teeth marks too when shes finished.

And it’s true she doesn’t mind the size thing, after she performs she says, “Thanks, that piece of broccoli was stuck in there for hours!”


I’m gonna kick your ass.

I don’t leave teeth marks!!!