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question for the t-men

T-folk, what do you think of guys that wear sandals in the gym??

They better be lifting MASSIVE weight.

They’re nerds who think they’re cool just because they “work out”.

Sanadal wearers are usually newbies or dorks! Wait until they roll a 100# plate over them purty lil’feet and spend 6 weeks in a foot cast. Chuck Taylor old school high tops or dusty work boots are what I wear here in Redneck Florida. Stay strong and Manly,y’all.

Where i go to school they wont even let you into the gym wearing sandals. Let them do it. It’s called Natural Selection. Let it does it’s job i say.

They are fools, that my opinion. Actually most gyms I’ve been to don’t even allow sandals to be worn for safety reasons.

Arnold wore sandals to the gym and would sometimes train barefooted. Check out some of the old pics of him and Draper.

I lift barefoot most of the time. What of it?

I don’t think in the gym. I think before and after gym.

depends if they’r bigger than me or not…

Arnold trained barefoot on leg days - and I’ve read that that’s the best way to train legs. He trained primarilly with bare feet, but there was a reason to his ways for leg training. I wish I could. But there’s way too many idiots walking around the gym for me to take the risk. I’ve dropped a 45-pound plate on my foot once (wearin’ shoes, too) - and man, oh man - that hurt!

I’m not a T-Man, but I thought, “what the hell, I’ll throw in my opinion…”


I’ve done it. What’s the big deal? Why does it even matter? Sometimes you guys weird me out! :wink:

i realize the safety issues but i’ve done it a number of times (especially over the summer)- actually just the other day, i got out of bed, didnt feel like changing out of the shorts and t-shirt i slept in, threw on some sandals and went straight to the gym…as long as you’re extra-careful, who cares?

Who gives a shit? It’s their feet! If you drop a weight on your foot it’s gonna hurt if you’re wearing anything less than steel toed work boots.

It’s just like wearing a seat belt. Some people say “i’m a good driver so i don’t need one”. The good driver part might be true, but there’s a whole planet of dumbasses out there.

Who cares?

I think they’re idiots.

I would “accidently” drop a plate or two on their feet; just like I “accidently” kick guys in the nuts if it doesn’t look like they’re wearing a cup. Don’t get me started with women with no bras!

Man, who gives a shit?! I’ve been lifting for 8 years and have never dropped a weight on my foot. Even so, a shoe isn’t going to help that much in protecting your foot, it’s just leather? Concentrate on lifting not on clothing.