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Question for the ladies

To the ladies on the forum (and I know Michelle in particular will love to answer this one), how do I subtly let my girlfriend know that she needs to do some serious trimming downstairs? You’d think that she’d do it based soley on the fact that I do it but no such luck. It’s not like she smells bad or anything, but the scent is a bit stronger than it needs to be and I really don’t enjoy wading throught all that hair with my toungue to get to her clit. Any ideas?

Just stop going down on her and joke around with her about her “MONSTER BUSH”!!! She might get a little sooky about it at first but they always come round. The moment she does some landscape gardening down stairs, you gotta show her how much you appreciate it by pretending its an all you can eat buffet and going nuts all the time! Works like a charm! :slight_smile:

Oh shit! it says “To the ladies of the forum”… ahwell! :slight_smile:

Offer to do it for her. I did it for my GF once in the shower.

tell her you would be completely turned on by a change of “hairstyle”. you prefer short and trimmed opposed to long and curly, or better, buzzed off.

Simple.“I’d go down on you longer and more frequently if the playground hedges were trimmed just a bit.”

scowl Was that an insult??? grin ANYway, there was a time when I sported my own personal forest. I didn’t like it all that much and neither did my guy, so I got laser, then we split the cost of my second round of treatments. I have much less now, but my boyfriend still prefers it to be short… his solution was to offer to shave it for me. Worked like a charm! We have fragile egos just like men do… make sure you keep things well ‘cushioned’

I was probably 30 before I even knew that some girls shaved/trimmed - maybe she just doesn’t know that its an option. Michelle’s right - you need to let her now gently that its something you would like. Let her know you’ve seen pictures of girls with a well manicured bikini area and how much it turned you on - tell her how you’ve heard that it will make her more responsive, etc. Do not, under any circumstances, withhold your oral attentions hostage until she complies. Silly games are for children.

I guess it is a matter of degree. If she has a full on happy trail from her navel, that is too much, but I like a little hair down there to remind me that she is a woman, not a little girl. I like it when it is trimmed neatly with scissors, not shaved. If it is shaved, the veil of mystery is gone.