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Question for the coaches... Power Development

Any weight training program that would benefit this kind of power?


Much appreciated for fellow t-men input! Thanks!


Strength-endurance would be the main priority. I used to break a 5 years back, and it was all about momentum, but the main thing was keeping that momentum w/o getting warn out. No real weight training is needed for breaking, but if I were you, I would just work with a Chad Waterbury functional strength program.

I remember when I first started, I wasn’t able to support myself for long on my hands while vertical, but it just came overtime. Also, if your a fat ass, you might want to consider dieting :slight_smile:

thanks a lot dude! I finally got an answer out of someone! I’ve been breaking for about 2-3 years now and I’m trying to work on my power… I got some mad windmillz and babymillz but those damn FLARES piss me off!!! I can hold the planque (hand stand body in a horizontal position) for maximum 8 seconds. My fellow Bboys told me I should be ripping flares by now but damn its hard to get even 3!

I think I’m pretty good on leanness… I’m about 10% Body fat. Do you think I should gain a little more mass for additional strength like gymnasts? Cause those guys look pretty thick!

I’m 5’6, 140lbs. I was thinking 10 more pounds on my chest and shoulders would help… or you think that would be counter productive?

Again thanks for the input!


Hey, where are you located in Alberta?


I’m from Calgary! You?

did you have any input STU? Since your a strength coach… I don’t want my resistance workout to hinder my technical workout… any once or twice a week programs? Waterbury’s programs seem great but probably make my technical sloppy due to fatigue.


How about a split like this (worked well for me when I was trying to increase strength while spending lots of time working, competing etc)

Mon) Squats, bench and bent over rows

Thurs) Deadlifts, chins, military press

Simple, time efficient but very effective.

Pick the set/rep range you are most happy with 1-6-1-6 works real well!

If really pushed for time/recovery, alternate the programmes every 5 to 7 days. Again, this approach has worked well for me and my athletes during the competitive season.

Thanks Postman! Sounds like a great program! I was wondering what does 1-6-1-6 mean? 1 set of 6 reps or 6 sets of 1 rep for each excercise? Sorry for my lack of gym lingo…