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Question for the Big Benchers

If you consider your bench either really good or your best lift, what advice would you give for a full meet guy for who the bench is their worst lift? What do you do that makes your bench your best lift?

Likewise, if there’s a thread like this about squats and deadlifts, I could help out.

I was a 3-lift guy who went bench only. If you want to have a good bench do it and don’t listen to any negative shit from anyone. The only trait shared by all champions is they overcome obstacles. Bench will become your best lift when you accept responsibility for making it so.

  1. Train smart. Get advice from good benchers.
  2. Train as hard as you can.
  3. If you compete with gear, get the best and learn to use it.
  4. Put time and money into your passion.

I was lead to believe the bullshit that short arms were a must to be a good bencher. I found example after example of average to long armed benchers setting records. Checkout www.thepowerlifting.com. It’s a “paid” subscription but well worth the access to high level info.

I don’t consider myself a big bencher, but it is my best lift right now. For me the transition came when I broke my leg and destroyed my knee, and all I could do was upper body. I don’t recommend that course of action.

If you plan on continuing to do 3 lift meets, I would keep plugging away at all 3 lifts, cause it is all about the total. If you want to do bench only, then make sure your form is in check and start pressing a lot more often. If you rotate exercises, you can press 4 times a week and make progress.