Question for the Australian Members

Would you agree with this… if so, I think I would fit in down in your neck of the woods.

Once upon a time maybe. There are still plenty of us like that left, but its the same problem everywhere in the western world, neo Marxist, PC indoctrination.
We don’t have constitutionally enshrined freedom of speech. Its implied in our constitution, and taken for granted by most people, but lately when push comes to shove its easy to find yourself on the wrong side of the PC brigade, and potentially the law if you express certain views that don’t tow the PC line.

We also don’t have the right to bear arms which could be quite a culture shock to many red blooded Americans, if you want to come over here to reside or become a permanent citizen. I have seen the implied rights of this, and basic common sense been steadily eroded over the last 25-30 years. Its been so long since we have been directly threatened by war, that most people don’t see it as being even possible. This makes us a mentally weak society, ready for abuse by foreign takeover, either by force or deception.

If I have anything to say about it, Americans will always be welcome here. Not everyone has forgotten the efforts of the US in WW2, which saved us from being overrun by the Japanese. I’m still very grateful.

Gabriel is a funny guy, love his work. He’s got the accent down pretty well.


Who needs an AR when we have milk crates, AMIRITE?!

Id say the vast majority of us don’t really care much for PC. In certain areas, there would be higher influx of people who would be a higher percentage of “blue collar” guys and girls, but by far and wide, we are just a pretty open and accepting group of people who arnt afraid to take the piss out of each other. I think there are a small minority of people who watch our news and base their opinions on what we are like on that, but actually dealing with a vast range of people on a day to day basis, its pretty consistent.

It was such a weird coincidence, but ive been commented on in three different states, by 2 older women and a man on my size, and all three of them almost said the exact same thing “jesus christ youre a big bloody unit arnt ya
So id imagine the ingrained culture is consistent, nation wide.
We also have our own indocturine of insults and comments that im sure a vast majority of foreigners wouldnt understand, that they get chucked around that often that im sure theyd get missed.
Im born and raised here, but how the hell “Fuck me dead ya flamin galah, no need to crack the shits cob” is even a sentence that is understandable is beyond me, but somehow we manage not to take offence of it.

Our culture is multiculturlism.
Our background is built by accepting different races and cultures, and making it a giant family of sorts.
My childhood area, within 10 houses of mine, I had neighbours that ranged from greek, italian, muslim, indian, english and dutch. We all kinda just co-exist and take the best of every culture and thats how you get what we call our own.

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Yes, those guys did well with the milkcrates and chairs against the knife wielding murderer, last week.

Australia never used to be as multicultural, compared with the society of now, and most of the unique stereotypes, humour come from when it was more homogenous.

Whilst not the only reason for PC culture, multi culturalism is strongly related to and championed by neo Marxist ideology. They desire that you can’t say anything that might offend someone else. It doesn’t matter if the people that are supposed to be offended aren’t actually offended.
Comedy in Australia used to be very irreverent, eg Rodney Rude, Kevin" Bloody" Wison. Today those same guys would be howled down for being racist, sexist, and misogynist. Whilst their jokes dealt with these issues, and they could be uncouth, they were actually very funny.

Today in Australia any race based jokes or religious jokes are verboten, unless you are making fun of white people, or Christians(which I don’t mind if they point out something which is actually funny).

I don’t buy the multiculturalism propaganda, because it pretends that everything is always positive. The reality is you also get the bad that comes along with it, but the PC people just sweep that under the carpet and pretend things don’t happen.

PC culture and agendas are definitely less of a thing then in the US. As are attitudes towards it.

For example in terms of culture and racism like jez said we are pretty multicultural not just in having a variety of cultures but that each are accepted and integrated in Australian culture they contribute something and they get something from the big culture mixing pot.

I was born here and raised here. Went to multicultural schools and at uni. At high school there were plenty even teachers who made jokes about racial stereotypes. It came from a place of acknowledging that in Australia culture is what it is but it doesn’t anywhere near define each individual. I personally don’t see culture when I interact with people, I know it’s there and shit but really it’s some of the least important things about someone.

Overall Australia just has more “I don’t give a fuck” attitudes and we on average are more rugged and resilient less likely to get offended or triggered. The name of the game is to not get triggered I guess.

There’s a culture of using insults to express endearment and friendship so thick skins are built. Say if you can get to the stage of genuinely laughing over something that you are a smidge insecure about like being fat then I think you’re in a good place confidence and security wise and that thing has almost no power over you

That being said I know that there is PC culture around especially since I’ve been at uni. A lot of it is useful because it’s not quite at the ridiculousness levels in the US.

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Too be fair, these guys were still howled down back then just as much as someone like Jim Jefferies is these days. I remember watching “FHM search for Australias funniest man” a few years back and it contained pretty much everyone on the current Aus comedy scheme and every single one of them cracked typical humour you would associate with Australians.

I think the PC of race/religious humour kinda needs to toe a fine line and in all fairness, even through out the years, any material created by rude or wilson was brushing with racism, but what I think we all understood that it was just that, material for their shows and if you didnt like it, you wouldnt watch it.

There is also the line crossing between edgy comedy material and actual racism. Ill never forget this one year, as a school student we travelled to the ACT for our yearly trip. We were walking up too parliment house where we passed the aboriginal camp grounds. Some racist man was berating them, screaming racist insults to them when these two men returned serve and stood up for them. As an impressionable kid at that stage, it really opened my eyes up to how little people out here put up with bullies and shit people.

Its happened countless times but whenever ive been exposed too it in other countries or seen videos of the like, its rare ive ever seen other people stick up for the victims.

No way saying its a blanket rule and in part id tend to agree with your statement about youll always get the bad that comes along with it and there will always be extremes in every avenue, I can only judge on what Ive personally been exposed too in both rural and metro situations.

Didnt know youre aussie @Beyond_Beyond, where are you located?

Back when Rude etc were popular, there were critics. It was more about class, their general crudeness, and lack of refinement, rather than the focus on them being seen as racist.

Whilst there are still plenty of comedians with the typical Australian sense of humour(Isaac Butterfield), the PC ,SJW, LGBT crowd are more dominant. Adam Hills, Joel Creasey, Rhys Nicholson, Hannah Gadsby(just not funny).

The Barry awards named after Barry Humphries(Dame Edna Everidge) at the Melbourne Comedy Festival, this year had its name changed after it came to light that Barry Humphries had made some dismissive comments about transgenderism. It was pushed by Lesbian comics Hannah Gadsby, and Zoe Coombes Marr.

I agree with what you said " but what I think we all understood that it was just that, material for their shows and if you didnt like it, you wouldnt watch it."
Now many other comedians, and general public aren’t satisfied with that, they want to censor comics who they don’t agree with, and take away the punters right to choose who they want to see.
Sponsors, venues, are pressured by these people to cancel performances. Comics have lost television deals.

Jez I live in Sydney. Where are you?

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I suppose Im blindly biased because there is a chance that these comedians who are probably censored by main stream media are still easily accessible to watch online and tour pretty regulary. My two favourite groups at the moment are superwog and sushimango, both of whom are piss takes on the lebanese and greeks, who both boderline the racist stereotypes but from what ive seen its only the minority driving these small changes. Id bet if I asked 100 people tomorrow of what they thought of dame edna, id be surprised if less than 95 people replied that she (he) is a national icon, but judging my opinion on this is obviously restricted because I live on the Central coast but work in Sydney every day so im sure peoples opinion would differ if I asked someone in say… Cammeray as opposed to Bass hill? :joy: