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Question for Teddykgb

Hey Teddy, I have read a bunch of your posts over the past months. It seem that you had great sucess with GBC. I am sure your diet played a huge role in your sucess but I am very interested in the GBC routine. Could you give some details of YOUR version of this program. Not so much the exercises but, how long were you actually using this program?, how many days did you lift in a week?, any added aerobics? and how many different workouts did you do before repeating a workout. I am plannin on using the three workouts provide at T-Mag, but if you have any that you would like to share I would love the help. Thanks Teddy and good luck packin on the new mass…

Well my last diet phase was 17 weeks but the last 8 weeks of it were spent using GBC. I did the 3x/week approach, varying exercises/reps every three weeks. No cardio was required, except the last five weeks when I switched over to a cyclic ketogenic approach and did one hour of very low-intensity cardio the morning after the carb-up to get back into ketosis quicker. The T-Dawg workout plan would work fine-I’ve used it before, but I was using for the most part the workouts in Poliquin’s Manly Weight Loss book. Calories were approx. 12x bodyweight. Hope this helps, and good luck!