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Question for TC


I know that a couple of months ago, talk was pretty big on a news stand version of Testosterone. Is this still in the works, or has it fallen by the wayside? If so, what kind of time frame are we looking for (months, years)?



We were having problems finding photographers.

We didn’t want the thing to look like the rest of the newsstand flotsam and jetsam, so we were very concered with finding the right people.

So far so good.

As it stands now–unless our plans change–we should have something out in a few months.


Just a follow-up…

I know I’m stating the obvious…but this business (publishing, especially of Mags and Periodicals) is mucho competitive…

What is the “niche” that you guys saw that you could fill?

(I have all the original issues…and am looking forward to the new print mag!)


Thanks, TC!