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Question for TBT Users


How long does your workout usually take? Also, do you do any type of warmup, light cardio, warm-up set etc.?

I am doing it exactly as it is written, pretty much to maintain what little muscle I have while trying to burn BF during 500 cal. a day deficit.



About 40 - 50 min , including all warmups


Just under an hour. I only do warm up sets (usually 2) on the major compound lifts - deads, squats, bench. Also, I do 20 mins cardio on off days.


A bit over an hour, due to it's a three man rotation.


About 50 mins to an hour, depending on if its a one minute rest day, or a two minute rest day.

I've seen people here say that it's only taken them 20-30 mins, which is probably about right if you're not doing warm-up sets like I do for any of the heavy compound lifts.


I takes me anywhere from 25-50 minute to complete. It just depends on how packed the gym is, rest periods, and how heavy I'm going.

After reading this, a couple of you are doing warm-up sets or the majors lifts. So you are doing 2 additional sets of squats/deads outside of the presecribed set # for the week/day? Is there anything wrong with just jumping in and doing the work sets? I usually load up and just hit it right away.

Do you feel that you have benefited from the warm-up method?


It's been my experience that I can lift more after a couple of warm up sets on the heavy compounds. Also, I believe it makes me less prone to injury. Maybe it's all in my head.


With everything set up prior to the workout (in a home gym) it always takes no more than 40 minutes including all warmups, however often less than that - especially workout 1 each week is much shorter


I agree. I don't know how heavy everyone else goes, but I don't think anyone would think that jumping into 400+lb deadlifts is a good idea. I don't usually warm up on everything though. Usually only the first upper body and first lower body exercise of the day.