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Question for Tax People


So on the side (non-related industry), I coach high school rowing. I coach seasonally and am trying to figure out if there's anyway I can classify this as "other income" instead of "self-employed income" (I receive 1099-MISC as a contractor).

Unfortunately I have no deductions related to this job other than gas mileage which is minimal so I'm looking to take a pretty big tax hit either way. I've done this 3 years now and this will most likely be my last year. Any insight would be appreciated.


I'm in the UK, and I am NOT an accountant, BUT, I am pretty sure (I have had what you guys call an 'LLC' for the last 6 years) that you receive tax relief for 'charity' work; I would say asking a decent accountant is your best bet, but that avenue may be worth exploring.