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Question For Staley, DJ or Anyone


Regarding the olympic lifts and keeping the heels on the ground as opposed to jumping.......

  1. Dan John and Charles Staley both advocate the heels remaining planted during say a power clean but what are the benefits of doing that as opposed to jumping? I think it's placing more emphasis on hip extension than triple extension but what does that mean for athletes, lifting more weight on the bar, etc??

  2. Does keeping your heels on the ground during a power clean still enhance one's vertical leap?


The emphasis should NOT be on keeping your heels down; they will leave the platform as your knees bend during the jump under. The emphasis is to push from the heels. The rationale is to develop better hamstring recruitment...


Thanks. I kinda figured the ham recruitment but it kind of threw me off because I'm so used to "jumping" when lifting the weight.

I should still jump w/the weight after it passes knee height correct?

Thanks so much Charles.


Good call Coach Staley!!


Sure, you can jump...we're getting into subtle nuances here, ok? In other words, what you "think" of doing may be different than what you "actually" do. At the top of the pull, you'll most likely be pulled up onto your toes.

Purests won't like the whole bow & arrow concept, but when you start focusing on what I call the "torso lever," things really start to happen...


I basically grab the weight and pull slow-slow-slow the first few inches (actually until it gets around knee height approximately) and then I just jump with the weight. Actually, my feet get off of the ground a little bit.

I learned all of that from reading Coach Davies's stuff and sometimes he recommends an actual "foot stomp."

I tried last night (apparently I misunderstood you yesterday-ooops my bad) to keep my heels planted and my traps are sore as hell today. I didn't execute the lift nearly as quickly/explosively w/out the jump.


In the first couple of issues of Volume II of Get Up, we discuss all of this with the RDL as the root. Again, most coaches look at the "effects," I look at the cause. Yes, you jump. Yes, your heels fly off. Certainly, you can stomp after you land...a great cue.

All effects. Often, focusing on the effects works. It really helps in explosive stuff. Having said that, you also stick somewhere. For me, it was revolutionary when I learned to lift on the heels. Heels only.

Now, I have snatched 314 in a contest and I'm telling you: I would have been a far, far greater lifter, if I knew this stuff. Much better. I'm not exa...

It's better. Do it.


Thanks for the input Dan/Charles.

I GREATLY appreciate it!!!!

I'll check out the Get up.