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Question for Sports Fans


Hypothetical here:

You are now the GM/Owner of your favourite team, what is your first move?

Also it can't be "trade for Kobe" it has to be realistic.


Review the entire front office and coaching staff and make sure that the necessary pieces are installed to ensure that the team is built and run according to plan.


Trade for Lincecum.


quit because i'd be the worst GM ever.


Sell the team and let someone else have the scorn of an entire metropolitan area for not winning every single fucking year, no matter what.


You asshole, you took my answer lol.

I do know one move I would NEVER have done as the owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers...pass on Dan Marino. Damn I like how that sounds...owner of the Steelers lol.

As owner of the Blazers I would try to trade Greg Oden but who would take em'.


As owner of the Celtics, the first thing I would do is....pat everyone on the back and go along my merry way. What can I say after the way they absolutely bulldozed the knicks last night?

Also, I'd get a Jersey, and have them all sign it.


Only pro franchise I care about are the Spurs. I would:

1) Tell Gregg Popvich to GTFO

2) Trade/draft a 7' to compliment Tiago Splitter and Tim Duncan

3) Dismiss Matt Bonner and Richard Jefferson

4) Find a lock-down perimeter defender who is mean as a bulldog and can shoot the 3

Watch them championships roll in.



I think this is pretty interesting. To an outsider who doesn't follow the Spurs, I would think Spurs fans would love Greg Popovich.


The Giants may need 4 clones, the Phils only need 1. :slightly_smiling:


As GM/Owner of the Yankees, I would do away with the "clean cut/freshly shaven" rule and make it mandatory for all players to look like homeless people. I'd then put Gene Simmons to shame in term of branding and merchandising, sit back and collect the greenbacks.


Trade whatever I had to to get Patrick Peterson in next weekends' draft.


We do


Wait are you the GM or the owner? Are you both? If I am the owner then I would hire the best GM if I am a GM then I would hire my college football buddy and then make the best trade of all time with an aging running back for like 14 guys. But I wouldnt fire him.


But you could trade the clones for offense that lasts for a whole season.

We all know Ryan Howard calls it quits by August.


Nuke Fenway Park, and piss on the ashes of that old shithole before building a new stadium.

  1. Sell the team
  2. Profit


I'll tell you what I'd do, man, two chicks at the same time.


Fuckin' Eh