Question for Seasoned iPad Users


Is there a way to store documents locally, on the iPad device itself. I have several documents (pdf, spreadsheets, etc) that I open up and refer to multiple times a day. I am not always in range of a wi-fi connection. I know I can store them in dropbox, but if I click on the document without being connected to the net it can’t download them to display.

Am I missing something obvious?


No, you’re not missing anything. Storage is app specific. Some apps provide the ability to store documents locally, and some don’t. This is a design decision by Apple.

In the case of ebooks, Stanza stores both epub and PDFs on the device. I don’t know if Stanza’s around anymore though.

I wish I knew the name of an app that lets you save and display files, but I don’t, sorry.

I use a couple apps for that…Adobe Reader for PDF, and Microsoft Quick Office for .doc/.xlsx/.ppt

If memory serves, the Adobe one was free, and the Microsoft one was 20 bucks.

Read reviews on office not advised to buy

I use it daily and have never had a problem. A bit slow to read PPT presentations, but that’s it.

This being said, I never use it to edit documents…read only.