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question for Ron Harris

Mr. Harris,

I was checking out your website and the pictures of your wife’s physical transformation. The progress from the initial shot to the one two monthes is amazing. I was wondering if maybe you could go into a little detail about how you trained her. Did you use alot of supplements in this inital stage, or was it just the right training, cardio and diet? I am asking cause my girlfriend wants to lose like ten to fifteen pounds. She is four foot eleven, so every extra pound stands out. I have managed to get her in the gym, which was suprisingly easy, and started her on a basic program. However, i know she is going to need to do a good amount of cardio, and also watch her diet. She eats pretty healthy as it is, no junk food or soda, but i have a feeling it is gonna be hard to up the protien level and cut the carbs. I think i am just gonna stick with the weights for a few weeks, and then gradually incorporate the other elements such as diet. I don’t want to overwhelm her with a bunch of new stuff at once.


Ron’s wife transformation is definitely motivational. Anton, you’ve made great success in encouraging your girlfriend into the gym. Your plan seems sensible. I would just encourage you to keep it up and stick with her when it gets tough.

As far as JLo’s concerned she didn’t take any supplements from what Ron said before. He can’t even get her to take a multivitamin. Her diet is low carb. Do a search for her picture in the photo gallery and I think the description is there. Good luck! Croooz