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Question for Redkell...


You train at the Gold's on Nifong, right? Well, I was wondering if the plates at that gym are the thick rubber coated plates. The reason I ask is that I need to suit up and test my squat this week and the gym downtown has the rubber coated plates, so I can't fit enough of them on the barbell.


Sounds like a cool problem to have.


No, they have the octagonal plates with the built in handle, no rubber coating. The most I've had on the bar was 495 and there was plenty of room left. Let me know when you plan on doing, I'd like to watch and help out.


That's great, I'm planning on going down there Friday in the early evening. My brother's supposed to come help, but if I can always use another spotter. Your help would be much appreciated if you can make it.


Peyton, I get out of work at 5, anytime after that and I'll be there.


what are the kind of numbers you throw up peyton?


Landon- At my last meet I squatted 589 at a body weight of 177. I just got my altered suits back from Titan last week, haven't used them since the meet and I 've got a meet coming up Nov 15 so I need to get some practice in. I'm hoping to go over 600 for the first time this Friday and I have my eye set on the USAPL Junior American record which was recently raised to 639 at Junior worlds. It was previously 622 which I thought I had an excellent shot at, but to get that 640 everything will have to go perfectly. Or better:)


Redkell- We're planning on going to the gym at 6:00 p.m. It would be great if you could come up.


This is me squatting 530 back in January. Since then I have widened my stance, cleaned up my form a little and started wearing wrestling shoes to squat.


Right on brotha. Get that record!