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Question For PS2'ers

Hey all,

I, a faithful Xbox’er, surprisingly and inexplicably received a PS2 as a gift this past Christmas. Now, the primary argument I hear from the Sony faithful is that PS2 has some better games than Xbox, so my question is this:

I plan on buying either an Xbox 360 or a PS3 in the future, but between now and then, what are some of these superior games that PS2 has that Xbox doesn’t that are just must-plays for the system?

Your advice is appreciated.

I like RPG’s myself, but unless they’re you’re thing you may not:

Shadow Hearts [Covenant, the sequal is even better, and doesn’t require you to play the first one, uh, first]
Dark Cloud [and Dark Chronicle / Cloud 2]
Final Fantasy X
Megaman X: Command Mission
Kingdom Hearts [and Kingdom Hearts 2 - Don’t be put off by the disneyness, they’re great fun]

They’re my crop of top ps2 games, thou I really disliked Final Fantasy X-2 so I gotta recommend staying away from it.

MetalGear (all variations)
Gran Turismo 3/4
Prince of Persia I and II (might be out on Xbox, can’t remember)
Final Fantasy ?

and that is all I can think of off the top of my head.

hope that helps,

The Area-51 game on ps2 is badass