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Question For Personal Trainers

So i got my certification to be a PT and i go to my local gym and talk to the head trainer. she basically gives me the rundown about how i can pick my hours, which i like, but i just want to know if the pay is anywhere in line with what it should be.

basically you get paid $14 and hour, which is 2 sessions really, because they only have 30 minute sessions. this seems low to me, but i am not sure what to ask for since i have zero professional experience at this.

any help/advice would be greatly appreciated


You really have 2 options:

  1. stick it out at that place, pay your dues, gain experience and treat your clients well with the intention of taking them with you when you leave

  2. shop around to different gyms. Most large gyms will hire you for your personality/work ethic and then worry about the certification later.

14 per hour sounds low to me however I’m a PT manager NYC. A certified trainer should be able to start at at least 25 per hour or 40-50% of the session price. The bit about choosing your own hours is true but you’ll find yourself working all the time to build your client base for 3-6 months. The thought of taking your clients somewhere else when you leave is hard to pull off.

Normally clients buy the sessions in packages from the gym, not the trainer, So if you wind up leaving and some of your clients have sessions left in their packages they will frequently switch trainers so they can use them up. Refunds are rarely given when a trainer leaves. Also, gym contracts are notoriously air tight which means that the client will lose a lot of money if they try to follow you.

Shop around more, you can probably find a better deal elsewhere.