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Question For My Fellow Canadians


What lean protein sources are you eating and where are you buying them? I want to eat skinless boneless chicken breasts but it's $13 a kilo at Costco, which to me is expensive. What do you guys do? Buy the cheaper thighs? Go to a different place to buy your chicken breasts? Buy different protein source? I could really use some cost friendly advice.


$13/kg is pretty cheap, costco is awesome for most everything.

At Safeway, Thriftys, and Save-On the price of chicken is $17-18/kg.

Costco has alot of inexpensive and decent meat. Cheap egg whites too.

Maybe try Wal-Mart...lol.


I get frozen boneless skinless chicken breast from Safeway, depending if its on sale or not, it can be $26 and a bit to $34 for 4 kilos.
Other meat, Bison, I get from local farmer.
I'm in Winnipeg btw.


If you're in Ontario $13/kg is waaaaay overpriced. Normally Costco has expensive chicken, what I do is wait for a sale then stock up. Invest in a meat freezer. Some form of chicken (breasts, whole chicken, legs etc) goes on sale at one of the major chains at least once a month.

Just check out the weekly flyers of each major chain and purchase accordingly.

Hell right now Price Chopper in Ontario is selling Boneless skinless chicken breasts for $3/lb

Metro: full Chickens $2.99/lb


Yup, I do live in Ontario.


Man, you gotta learn how to shop the bargains. In the "olde days" we use to have to hunt. Now we have to learn how to shop. Sobey's has pork tenderloin on sale and great big bone in hams.