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question for Mr. Thibaudeau

Mr. Thibaudeau,

In your money excercises article you mentioned that the Olympic lifts are “unparrlelled in terms of implicated muscle mass.” By this do you mean in terms of muscle mass gained or the amount of muscle used in the lifts? I am a jujitsu practitioner and am always looking for new lifts that incorporate the entire body.


Both. My rule of thumb is that the more muscles you are using in a lift, the more mass you are going to put on.

I meant that the olympic lifts include more muscle at the same time as other exercises. They really can be good to add mass, but because of the short time under tension (explosive speed) you must do most sets of more total reps to get a maximal size-training effect.

how mant sets are required??..and I heard you shouldn’t go over 3-6 reps when doing the oly lifts??

Chris, you mentioned an article that you were writing on an OL program, have you fininshed it and if so,when do you expect that to be run?

It takes guts to post a pic in T-Mag wearing a belt! This must be one tough man.