Question for Mr. Berardi

What is the proper dosing for Surge, what’s on the back of the bottle or what is written in the post-workout puzzle articles?

I have been taking the dosage on the back of the bottle, although it does sound a bit low based on .8g Carbs +.4g Protein plan.

Steve, you bring up an interesting question. The reason that the label isnt exactly specific to the pw puzzle recommendations is that we couldnt posibaly ask all consumers to calculate their own needs, then go and measure out the amount of pro and carb in x amount of powder and then do the math to figure out how much total powder would yield the ideal ratio. The of course, buy a scale to measure out this stuff to the mg amount. You see it would be ridiculous. Of course, if you are interested in doing that, you can feel free. However, for simplicity’s sake, the label recommendations are just fine for a ball-park figure. On the otherhand, I do calc exactly how much I need for each serving in grams and then weigh it out and then mix that amount.

My weight of 200 lbs. converts to 90.9kg, multiplied by 0.4 for protein needs equals 36.4g. The label instructions for bodyweight <200 is 2 scoops, or 25g protein. Shouldn’t it be 3 scoops, or 37.5g?

Being a lightweight has it’s advantages sometimes. At least Surge is more affordable since I’m only a buck fifty!