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Question for Military Guys/Gals


hey, i've noticed several people repsond in some of the more recent threads that the military is cracking down on steroids prior to deployments....is this common place now, or does it depend on the unit??

i have never had a steroid test, and i only know a few people that have.


I have alot of experience with roids in the military, I have never used them but done everything else with them. The bottom line is its up to your commander and his views on steroids. I have talked to a couple of commanders on this issue and they all said the same. If the soldier is not bragging or showing signs of abuse then no one will most likely not bother them. I was accused of taking steroids in the Marines and so I went to JAG for legal advice to fight this. They said there are two ways for a commander to go about this. To test just one soldier or a small group of soldiers the commander would have to have beyond a reason doubt of your use like catching you with a needle in your ass. The other is to do a unit wide test which in no unit that I have seen would this ever get approved. Too expensive and not a sure way to prove anything.
I had several buddies that used roids so I became a unit controler of these tests. They dont test for roids at all.
Some commanders really dont care about roid use, it makes a better soldier. I injected two of my own commanders every week for almost a year. But again the commander has all the power on this issue, so get a good feel on how your commander is. Otherwise you should be safe.
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I haven't seen any crack-downs, but I was isolated in one battalion. I do know that if you get deployed to a city area (like Baghdad), things like steriods are VERY easy to get. Just give some money to Haji, when he goes home for the day he stops by the apothocary, comes back the next day and hooks you up. My battalion had what I consider to be a very high usage rate (about 1 of every 15 or so), and we had no Article 15 (non-judicial punishment) actions for it. On a funny note, about 1 in 5 soldiers was taking anti-depressants (because those really help soldier performance).


Holy Shit, you lucky soldiers/Marines!

I was in the Navy for 4 years (honorable discharge around 45 days ago) and we had urinalysis all the time which checked for everything, and I mean everything! Saw a lot of buddies go down for any number of drugs.

We had around 2-3 "command sweeps" (everyone on the ship of around 1000 sailors) per year. Plus, we had "random" tests done year round which resulted in the average swabby being tested 4 or more times per year.
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While I was in AFG in '03-'04 some of our soldiers assigned to the camp security force were busted for steroids. I mostly think it stemmed from those individuals running their sucks about using. I also think the upper command structure at the camp was bored and looking for something to do. Hence, let's bust joe, who is confined to camp with nothing to do but pull guard duty, eat, sleep, a nd lift, for 8 mos. solid. I was on a another part of the task force and we personally weren't ever made to take a "piss test".


The attutude when Iwas USMC 90-94, was if you do not give them a reason, or show signs. like gaining 30 lb ina few months you were ok, BUT I did know guys that were jsut gifted in the muscle dept that were harassed non stop. The ARMY was different, if you kept your holw shut about it and did not act like an asshole {more than normal lol} and get acne and gyno you were under the radar. They did test though.


They only will test you if you are OBVIOUSLY on them like if you gain 60 pounds of mass in a 3 month period and your eyeballs have hair on them.


Are you absolutely sure of this? I was under the impression those tests only picked up rec drugs. You actually know of anyone who tested positive for steroids?


Drug testing in general is the norm and yes it is usually up to the unit to decide when it is warranted. Usually upon checking into a new unit. I've never heard of them testing specifiacally for anabolic agents--usually it's for marijuana, cocaine, and methamphetamines


Lots of help, great post cyc0.


The are not really cracking down but just befor you deploy the draw blood. Believe it or not the test that blood on every one. No they are not checking for drugs or anything like that. But for some reasone they are busting a lot of people that way. Last year we had a company drug test, 2 weeks befor leaving, no one was bust 2 week in country 7 guys were busted for stuff that was found in that blood that was taken just befor deployment. Yes they do the same thing when you come home and yes several guys were busted agin.


Im not a military guy (in the sense of bravely risking life and limb for country in the field) and have never taken steroids so maybe I shouldnt post here, but I do have experience with being tested by Defence Dept doctors for steroids (albeit as a civilian, and it was the Australian Defence dept not US) so I will post.

Basically when I got a job as a defence scientist with the Australian defence dept (since left to do a PhD) soon after getting the job I had to do a standard medical exam (not sure why, health insurance and to make sure I wouldnt drop dead on the job or something) and after weighing me the doctor was shocked and couldn?t believe how much I weighed (around 230lb at the time) I guess I must look a lot smaller with clothes on or something.

He then made me take off my shirt and flex like a body builder (to prove it was muscle not fat). He then asked me several times (he just kept at it) did I do steroids and I kept emphatically saying no but he didnt seem to believe me. I said to him you can take a blood test and test me for them if you like (I didnt expect him to actually take me up on the offer).

Anyway he did take some blood from me though I didn?t know it was for steroids at the time. A couple of months latter the administration/pay woman at my laboratory informs me that I?m not doing steroids. I said yes I know that. She said theyd tested me for steroids and the test had come back negative. She then tried to convince me that there must be something wrong with me (my muscles too big or something) if they were testing me for steroids.

At the end of the day it sure made me feel good though, you know youre doing something right if they assume youre doing steroids when your not (better I guess than people assuming you not doing them when you are).

Moral of the story is if they test suspicious looking defence civilians they may indeed test suspicious looking uniformed personal (at least that seems to be the case with the Aussie defence dept).

(On a side note I didn't get the health insurance as my BMI was way too high, Im 5'9'. The doctor reckoned no other health insurance company would touch me either now that there was a record in the system of me being at that weight. I haven't tested that out by applying for it but thats OK the default public health insurance here unlike the US is pretty good).


To the best of my knowledge they don't test for roids unless they have probable cause. Supposedly it's too expensive to test for them. My unit is shipping out in the near future and the drug tests do seem to be popping up more often. I think they ( the military) are more concerned about pot,coke,meth, and that kind of stuff.


GI Joe,

did those guys in your unit get busted for steroids, or what??

i only know of two people that have beden busted for AAS use in the military (in my 11 years), and they both were get Article 15's for something else, and their use come to light.

btw, thanks for all the responses....i've alwas been a little annoyed with testing soldiers for AAS. god forbid that our nation's killer are stronger, faster and meaner than they should be....


Yes, they were busted for steroids. When ever they do blood tests anything at is not supose to be their will show up. I got that info from a very good friend.He is on the counter drug tast force. He said that since OIF II began the number of people being busted is up over 200%. I gues that is when they started doing full testing So I am sure he knows what he is talking about when it comes to this subject.

P.S just in case some jerk off cares about my gramer and spelling. No english is not my first lanuage I am Thai and have only been writeing for less the 2 years so get off my case.


GI Joe,

thanks for the head's up. hopefully that info will keep some of us out of trouble...