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Question for Lawyers


For the lawyers on here and any experts on US Law, is this statement true?

Please don't move this to PWI.


As far as I know, no lawyers post in PWI, so I would like an answer from those knowledgeable in this area.


This seems more of an opinion rather than a statement supported by an disputible fact.


did this thread disappear?

I don't see it.


If you want the quick version, "separation of church and state" appears nowhere in the Constitution.

It is, in fact, from one of Jeffersons Virginia letters when he was in the process of using the fear of Virginian religious groups to implement a secular system. As far as I remember the fear was that Presbyterians and Methodists would unite and dominate Virginia.

So the main worry back then was, which found its way in the Bill of Rights, that a government would establish a religion and thereby reducing all other religion to the peanut gallery.

So no, it is not in there, but it should be.


Also, the US constitution has, printed out in a reasonable format, around 12 pages.

Written in simple declarative sentences.

What do you need a lawyer for?

If you want to know how much it has been raped by lawyers, I suggest reading up on Wickard vs Filburn.

Bonus points for reading up on the history of FDRs not so veiled threats if they would not get with the program, leading up to that verdict.