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Question for KSman: Wellness Center


KSman - In an older thread, I came across a post where you recommended the Rock Creek Wellness Center for those in the Kansas City area. I've had bloodwork done before to confirm my low T, but wanted to hold off on jumping into TRT before I eliminated other potential causes. I'm at the point where I'm wanting to consult a doctor, but have read countless threads describing uninformed docs or docs who simply don't care for TRT.

I've read through their website and it sounds like they have some well informed docs there, and based on what I've read from you on this board, I trust your recommendation.

My question to you is, do you know anything about the two programs they offer? On their website they show the bioidentical hormone replacement premier care program and the pellet hormone optimization program. Is there one you would recommend over the other? I called them to get more information, but they wanted me to set up a consult and do blood work first. Just wanted to get your thoughts on what they offer before I go there.


They look at all of the side issues from a diagnostic point of view.

You can do the suggested labs at LEF.org and we can help you with interpretation if you want to have that before you pull the doctor trigger. Labs on sale in April, you would get a membership for best prices.

Do you have labs to post now?

You need labs to get anything done. [asking for Dr Mark]

You will need:
AM cortisol
PSA if older
IGF-1 if older
fasting glucose
fasting cholesterol

That is sort of basic there.

Not cheap. They write scripts and do not sell drugs. They do not do insurance. So its out of pocked. You get better lab work prices if you pre-pay for the lab order.


I had labs done a few years ago and posted here. See below.


Been waiting to take the dive into TRT because I wanted to make sure I knew what I was getting into and wanted to find a good doc.

My employer has a health center on site and will do lab work at no charge as long as I have a request from a doc.

It looks like Mark handles everything if you choose the Premier Care option. Their other option is the pellet program which is handled by another doctor (same last name so I'm guessing son or brother of Mark).

I've reviewed their pricing and yes it is expensive, but I'm willing to pay to get good care. My biggest concern is finding a doctor who is educated and knows how to treat this, which it appears these guys are.

I think the Premier Care option is the one you're talking about, where they do a more comprehensive analysis. This is $1500 for the initial evaluation and testing and then $150/mo going forward. The other option is the pellet program, which is $125 for the initial consultation (they just review your labs) and then $700 for each time they insert the pellets (every 4-6 months).

Do you know anything about the pellet option they offer or would you recommend going with the premier care option? I have a call set up with them on Friday to discuss the two options but wanted to get your thoughts on them first.

As always, thanks for your help!