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Question for Ko

can you drop those aioli and mayo recipes when you have the chance?

Thought I would chime in on this one. Frozen veggies are the second best choice (next to fresh). They are harvested in their peak. Don’t boil them, steam them. I’m lucky because I can buy from a industrial food company and get stuff at cost (A 30# extra lean beef roast costs me $14 plus an additional $0.50 if I want the company to grind it.) I also can get a variety of IQF foods, which is cool.

I have a question though…when you say your carb mainstay is oats, you do mean natural oats not instant right? Just wondering.

This is a forum. People come here to ask questions on a variety of subjects, in the hopes that someone with the expertise in that area will answer. I cook for a living (fine dining) and my girl is a competitive body builder who I cook for. I do not mind answering questions, in fact I welcome it. Answering questions for people makes me have to challenge myself, and my cooking creativity, reinvent recipes to fit the bodybuilding lifestyle. Not everyone cooks, but if I can give them some tips to point them in the right direction then great. It may spark their interest and get them to start experimenting like you said. Whats wrong with that? Hell I could probably teach you a thing or two. Keep your questions coming guys, and I will be happy to respond.

CDM, I eat natural large flake oats as my main source of carbs, not instant. Ko, have you ever thought of putting together a recipe book for athletes? I’d bet even if you made one at home there would be a lot of peeps on this forum who would want to buy a copy from you. Just a thought. Anyway, feel free to post more recipes! I’ll keep in touch as soon as I get back from my audition for the Martha Stewart show…

Somebody better chain this guy back up in his mom’s basement before some bumbling journalist uses him as another excuse to crack down on the steroid ‘problem.’

heres the recipe.



You thought about doing a recipe book?

Come on TMag, hire the guy to write a book, dammit, there is a HUGE market out there!

I’d buy it.

Hey, funny this nineclaws character was never in those pumping iron videos or those Olympia shows. sounds to me like a person that is bitter for his lack of success in comparison to the other bodybuilders of his era. if he was a real champion or role model he would not hurry to down his fellow man, and would be glad to offer any advice he had accumulated along the way to success. we are a forum of people who contribute useful information to help our fellow man, and you my friend seem to have a problem. I suggest you look to a different place if you have nothing to offer this site, or these great people other than harshness. -Robusto