Question for Kevin

I’ve been reading some of your posts and am glad to hear that you are a powerlifter. I was curious to know what kind of training you do (Westside/standard periodization/3x3 etc.) Also, where do you live? I thought you answered a post about steroid prices in Nogales, which may put us fairly close. Jim

Yes I am a powerlifter. We are the world’s strongest athletes. I do practice some of the Westside theories but do not use their methods wholely. I make my own stuff up. I have a 785 squat, 500 bench, and 650 dead @ 225 and 23 yrs. old. W/out triple suits and shirts. Make no mistake,juice is resposible for many world class performances and I am no exception. Sometimes I wish that Westside would publish their juice stacks along w/ the training so that way people get the full picture. I am from Richmond VA. Been to mexico a few times and try to keep up w/ the “scene” down there. Later