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Question for Kelly Bagget

Hi, Kelly. Just a few questions for you: You seem to be
quite knowledgable on a variety of BB topics, and you are
one of the few females to post to this forum regularly. So
I’m curious: what is your background? IE, are you a female
BB? Or a fitness competitor? Or a personal trainer? Or a
university researcher? Tim’s wife? :slight_smile: Or what? Also, and I
don’t intend this to sound sexist, but what motivates you
to be so interested in BB to hang around a forum where all
these guys are discussing AAS and training etc? Don’t
misunderstand: I think it’s quite cool that you are so
knowledgable. In fact you must qualify as a true “T-woman”
(reference TC’s article on same - a few weeks back). So,
just curious!

Oops. Just occured to me that “Kelly” could be (although
typically isn’t) a man’s name. My apologies if you are not
a female. I was making an assumption. A perfect example
of how assume-ing things can make an ass…

Lol!!! sorry for the confusion. Didn’t mean to get any of these high T-dudes riled up over a chick hanging out in the forum but I am in fact a male…:slight_smile: