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Question for John Berardi

This question is for John Berardi. I’m the person who has been asking all the insulin sensitivity questions. Here is my situation. I’ve been reading up on insulin effects on the body and related issues (ex. reading my physiology textbook) and am getting a little concerned about what I’m reading. My insulin and glucose blood tests revealed that I’m insulin sensitive but have lacking pancreatic cell functioning. Basically my insulin level was low and my glucose level was high. I then read about hyperglycemia, and realized that I could have many of the common symptoms of it. I urinate frequently and am thirsy very often (I drink about 1-2 gallons of water a day). I have also been getting colder easier (result possibly of lower circulation), and my training progress has stalled for a while (possibly from lack of nutrients to my muscles). I basically believe that my insulin is beyond being sensitive. It is too low. But all the information that I have to base this on is my physiology textbook. Would you know of other reliable sources on this topic, specifically sources that have the equations that you mentioned in your Massive Eating II article? I’m not a biochem major, but I’m no dummy and have a good math background. So I can read all the really technical stuff. Any help here is really appreciated. Thanks a lot.

Mike, the same thing here. Do you also gain fat easily? I know that I do. :frowning: But I also gain muscle without major problems.

Mike: Why on earth don’t you go see an M.D.?

John I urge you to see a doctor. Thirst and circulation problems could be signs of diabetes. I and diabetic and have been on a low carb diet now for the past three years. I had the same symptoms you are describing, but with medication, exercise, and diet I have managed to control my diabetes. Now that my diabetes is under control I have been able to make hugh muscle gains.