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Question for John Berardi

John, in your Lean Eatin’ article, you list “Large amounts of milk” as something to be avoided at all costs. In your opinion, what would be considered a “large amount of milk” to drink in a day? thanks

What’s funny for me is that I drink 2L of skim after a hard-core leg day (replacing supper, since on Tuesdays I’m all over town)


I try to stay away from milk because it makes me fat. I’m a former fatboy though. If you are naturally lean than I don’t think it will hurt you but if you are naturally fat I would try to stay away from it.

One would tend to think that this one all comes down to how your body utilizes the milk. Some accept it much better than others. Individual results will vary. Personally, my body tends to add fat with pretty much any amount of milk. See what you can get away with…

I’m wierd: I’ll even add water to skim milk (w/my oatmeal and egg). Just ain’t a dairy person: it makes me look soft and sad :frowning:
So, have to agree with Berardi.

Plus dairy ain't good for people with asthma so I tend to "hiss hiss" like a vampire when someone offers me cheese - or even milk. However, I think adding 8 or 16-oz to your protein mix isn't a bad thing.