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Question for John Berardi

Hi. I have one meal at 8AM, another one at 10AM, and I start training at 11:15AM. Do I need to take Surge pre-workout, or just post-workout?? Thanks for your help.

I have not seen Berardi post on this board for a long time. Drink 1/2 your Surge during your workout and drink the other half after. Make sure to dilute it well for during your workout. Check out his Appettite for Construction column this week and also Precision Nutrition for 2002 and Beyond in issue 186.

Personally, with eating a meal only an hour and 15 min before training, I would consume all the surge post training as you will have plenty of carbs and protein in your gut already (you cann’t fully digest a meal in a little over hour) and the surge probably won’t add anything to the food still in your gut. In fact, I would have trouble training hard only 1 hour after eating a meal (when doing heavy ab training or deadlifts, etc the food tends to want to be pushed back up).